Billy Craig

Billy Craig

In this post there are used also information which were send me by Billy Craig.

Billy was born in small town Big Rapids, in Michigan, US. He was the second youngest child of nine kids.

The first experiences with music he got very early, when he watched and listen his older siblings – brother and sister. When he was seven years old, his mother bought him his first guitar. From that time, he had unforsaked it. In his eight years, he started play with his older brother. In the same year, he won the Eastern Michigan Battle of the Bands and gained more fans.

From childhood, he has had many shows, he has played with players, who were much older than he.

Later he established his own music bands, playing jazz, country and rock. He played in front of many thousands people in all USA. He played also abroad included Scandinavian countries – Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Bill was featured in two radio show named Country Legends in the Making and The American Collection with his last CD This Side Of Somewhere. This CD was prepared two years and was recorded in legendary Sun Studio (This recording studio is the birthplace of rock & roll, launching household names like Johnny Cash, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and U2‘s Rattle and Hum . . .).

Billy Craig

In present time, he is one of the hardest working artist in this business, his radio presence is growing in states and abroad too. He prepare the new project, with 18 new songs, which will come in spring time.

His music is being played on country stations in the USA from Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Maine, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Florida and around the world including Canada, Ireland, England, Australia and New Zealand.

Stations include, off the shores of England Radio Caroline, Radio Logan (Down Under) 101FM, My Country 105.9 FM Australia, Oamaru Heritage Radio 88.3 & 107 fm, 98.1FM Raglan Radio New Zealand, WORLD.FM, 1.FM Absolute Country Hits, Country Music USA, K94 New Country, LA’s Hot Country, Arizona’s Pure Country and Arizona’s Pure Country Canada as well as Detroit’s 99.5 The Wolf Country, Constant Country KRS, The Right Country Radio Network, FunSeekers Radio Network which includes WCON, WDMG, WHIE, WKLY, WTRP, WKUN, WMTM, WCOH, WTWA, WIMO, WGAA, WHEP, WSFC, WCVP, WPCC, WCLE, WBRY as well as WCTH , WDYN, WMME, WATZ, WQTE, WWBR, WGDN, WBWC, WCRC, WRBC, WFDU, WCEF, WCYO, WRVK, WDXE, WNKX, WVIM, KEIF, KVLG, KBUK, KYTE FM, WOYS, WOCY, KSOC and CHFX and the list is growing as America and the world discover this exciting new artist

Unfortunately I can’t offer you any video, I was able to find nothing.

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    I have Billy latest CD and it's freakin great!

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