NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 17, 2016) – The hot, new, dynamic country music duo Dave & Whitney (Chelsea Creek Entertainment) will introduce its new music video, “Alibi” (complementing the current country radio single “Alibi”— on radio now).
Directed and produced by Emad Rashidi [who has captured images behind the camera and on stage for hundreds of artists and celebrities (Quincy Jones,
Snoop Dogg, Smash Mouth, Sam Hunt, Big & Rich, Black Eyed Peas Usher, and most recently, Brent James) and a multitude of corporate clients (such as
Live Nation, MTV, Cincinnati Reds, Red Bull and Saks Fifth Avenue) to name a few], “Alibi” will be distributed to broadcast and digital outlets in the coming weeks; AristoMedia will spearhead the video promotion.

Personal friends and acquaintances played a part alongside Dave and Whitney in the four-day shoot set in various locations in Cincinnati, OH and southern Indiana including Purdue University and at Whitney’s family home. The concept follows the dark and edgy storyline of the country radio recording alluding to elusive behavior, tales of defense and taboo subject matter such as domestic violence and extramarital affairs. A hometown video viewing celebration is slated to take place at The Shoe Box at Hanover College on Saturday, February 20, 2016 as a “thank-you” to the community for its support, and family, friends, neighbors who helped make the video possible.

“We wanted to capture the mystic, secretive defense and justification of an‘alibi’ while shedding subtle light on domestic violence and infidelity,” said Dave & Whitney. “Emad gave the clip the dark edge and contemporary, realistic appeal that we were looking for. We’re very proud of this video, as our very first national release, and we’re excited to see the reaction of the viewers.”

“Working with Dave and Whitney was great fun and a new experience for me. They’re both charismatic and the camera loves them. They carried their roles perfectly,” said video producer Emad Rashidi. “Resembling a cinematic movie and film style, the end result highlights expressive emotions and actions. Viewers can expect to see something a little different than the ‘music video norm’ in ‘Alibi;’ they’ll enjoy a mini feature film.”

Written by Rodney Clawson, Sarah Buxton and Jamie Moore, and produced by
Dan Frizsell, the radio single (“Alibi”) has enjoyed a steady climb on the Music Row Chart since first introduced to country radio in October 2015. The track currently resides at No. 68.

In tandem with the success of “Alibi,” Dave & Whitney embarked on a radio tour that took them to more than 70 stations cross-country in late 2015. They will hit the road for the second leg of their tour this spring and will make their first appearance at the Country Radio Seminar in February.

Prepared by K. Atwood

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