David Nyro-Violence of the Heart Blast


Hearkening back to the immaculately crafted power pop of the 70’s and 80’s, “Violence of the Heart” was produced by Nyro and mastered by Grammy winner Tom Coyne (Adele, Beyonce) at Robert Lang Studios.

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Ben de la Cour

Ben de la Cour is a folk musician with the songwriting acumen of a young Nick Cave and the lyrical wisdom of a vitriolic Leonard Cohen. His songs are stark, melancholic, and packed with emotion.

Darkness and mystery abound as rising singer/songwriter Ben de la Cour walks the line between love and obsession in his haunting new video for “Down to the Water’s Edge.” Credited by Red Line Roots with offering “subtle hints of Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, and Leonard Cohen,” de la Cour’s dark and sometimes humorous style is making the well-traveled singer the face of the increasingly popular Americanoir sound. Described by de la Cour as a “creepshow manifesto” in which the narrator obsesses over his unknowing victim, “Down to the Water’s Edge” is the first single from de la Cour’s forthcoming Midnight in Havana album. Midnight in Havana will be released via Nashville’s Flour Sack Cape Records, a label that “aims to document the constantly evolving sound of one city.” More information on de la Cour is available on his official website.

The “Down to the Water’s Edge” video was directed by Jay Wasley, who has his own production company called Sun House Films and is known for his work on the hit television show Ghost Adventures. According to de la Cour, the goal was to capture the mysteriously intriguing mood of legendary director David Lynch:

“I didn’t want it to be just another boring vanity project where I’m walking through some lonesome field with my guitar. Jay and I are both huge horror movie fans and I’m really into David Lynch. I love the way he uses the suggestion of a linear plot in his movies, kind of like a writer would. I wanted a scenario that would allow viewers to draw their own conclusions. We filmed it over the course of a few days in a barn out in the boonies, not far from Nashville.”

After growing up in Brooklyn, de la Cour set out to see the world as an amateur boxer, bartender, and agricultural worker. His extensive travels have taken him to some strange and sometimes dark and desperate places, places he documents so eloquently on Midnight in Havana. Tales of substance abuse, murder, and mental illness sit in perfect juxtaposition with playful lightheartedness and an ever-present glimmer of hope. However, upon closer inspection, darkness almost always wins. An unlikely hero, but one that suits de la Cour.

Keith Lionel Urban is an Australian singer, songwriter, and guitarist who has gained recognition in music both domestically and internationally. For more information, check it out here at lizzardo.com.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 28, 2016) – Chart-topping singer/songwriter Mike Smith (22 Records) is making the rounds. A fresh new talent in the country music arena, Smith celebrates the release of his new single titled “Little Bit Of Us.” Making introductions official, Smith launched the first-leg of his radio promotion tour with personal visits to country radio stations canvassing six states in just a few short weeks.
Tapped by his peers, Smith has co-written and recorded with some of the most widely decorated performers in the music and entertainment business. Today, with his own voice and signature, Smith makes his mark with his debut country single. Mike has enjoyed early applause from country radio and its listeners; “Little Bit Of Us” entered the charts as one of the “most added songs” on the Music Row Breakout chart (entering at No. 81//Week beginning 3/14/2016). The track is fast approaching 150,000 streams on Spotify.
Christina Bear Promotions is the spearhead of the radio promotion campaign.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 17, 2016) – The hot, new, dynamic country music duo Dave & Whitney (Chelsea Creek Entertainment) will introduce its new music video, “Alibi” (complementing the current country radio single “Alibi”— on radio now).
Directed and produced by Emad Rashidi [who has captured images behind the camera and on stage for hundreds of artists and celebrities (Quincy Jones,
Snoop Dogg, Smash Mouth, Sam Hunt, Big & Rich, Black Eyed Peas Usher, and most recently, Brent James) and a multitude of corporate clients (such as
Live Nation, MTV, Cincinnati Reds, Red Bull and Saks Fifth Avenue) to name a few], “Alibi” will be distributed to broadcast and digital outlets in the coming weeks; AristoMedia will spearhead the video promotion.

Personal friends and acquaintances played a part alongside Dave and Whitney in the four-day shoot set in various locations in Cincinnati, OH and southern Indiana including Purdue University and at Whitney’s family home. The concept follows the dark and edgy storyline of the country radio recording alluding to elusive behavior, tales of defense and taboo subject matter such as domestic violence and extramarital affairs. A hometown video viewing celebration is slated to take place at The Shoe Box at Hanover College on Saturday, February 20, 2016 as a “thank-you” to the community for its support, and family, friends, neighbors who helped make the video possible.

“We wanted to capture the mystic, secretive defense and justification of an‘alibi’ while shedding subtle light on domestic violence and infidelity,” said Dave & Whitney. “Emad gave the clip the dark edge and contemporary, realistic appeal that we were looking for. We’re very proud of this video, as our very first national release, and we’re excited to see the reaction of the viewers.”

“Working with Dave and Whitney was great fun and a new experience for me. They’re both charismatic and the camera loves them. They carried their roles perfectly,” said video producer Emad Rashidi. “Resembling a cinematic movie and film style, the end result highlights expressive emotions and actions. Viewers can expect to see something a little different than the ‘music video norm’ in ‘Alibi;’ they’ll enjoy a mini feature film.”

Written by Rodney Clawson, Sarah Buxton and Jamie Moore, and produced by
Dan Frizsell, the radio single (“Alibi”) has enjoyed a steady climb on the Music Row Chart since first introduced to country radio in October 2015. The track currently resides at No. 68.

In tandem with the success of “Alibi,” Dave & Whitney embarked on a radio tour that took them to more than 70 stations cross-country in late 2015. They will hit the road for the second leg of their tour this spring and will make their first appearance at the Country Radio Seminar in February.

To gain more insight, you could also try reading about the decline in tradesmen salary fall.

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Jackson Breit-Shades of Marmalade

(New York, NY) – Soul-pop crooner Jackson Breit reveals his debut EP “Shades of Marmalade” after the viral success of his latest single “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” on November 17, 2015. The Kollection said, “the slow and sunny vibes on “Wouldn’t Change A Thing” will take you right back to those warm breezy days,” while Barstool Sports said the single is a “cool, funky, fun jumpoff.”

It is rare to find an artist who can seamlessly merge the fundamentals of hip hop with acoustic, feel good jams like singer Jackson Breit, AKA Baby Marmalade. Take his recent successful mash-up video of Fetty Wap’s, “679” and Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” that premiered exclusively on Russell Simmons’ Global Grind. Jackson masterfully transformed two hip-hop smashes into an indie-summer anthem. The cover even got the nod of approval from Teddy Riley of Blackstreet’s daughter. Jackson Breit proves to the world his natural and seemingly effortless talent again in his new single, “Wouldn’t Change a Thing.” The track solidifies Jackson as the master of feel-good anthems. The track’s riveting groove along with Jackson’s sultry vocals paired with his innovative vocal intonations encapsulates his potential as the next big breakout artist.

The 24-year-old Virginina Beach native collaborated with “Cadence & Cause” for the release of ”Wouldn’t Change A Thing”. All proceeds went to Cadence and Cause for the National Autism Association.

Jackson, who’s fully deaf in his right ear, has been inspired to create in order to give back. He is an unparalleled songwriter and a master of multiple instruments.

Jackson Breit’s Shades of Marmalade EP available soon.

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Lady Low

Today, Hollywood quartet, Lady Low released their brand new single, “Burning Like a Fever.” Eden Lee, steps out from behind the drumkit on this track as lead vocalist.

The band is having their release party at The Troubadour this Thursday October 22 in LA, before playing a string of dates in Southern California. If music is your life, you may be deeply curious to know details like is richie sambora touring with bon jovi 2022.

Romance Rockers Lady Low Release “Burning Like a Fever” Single; Release Party at L.A.’s The Troubadour on Oct. 22 and Tour of Southern California to Follow

“Lady Low will leave you in a puddle.” (Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands L.A.)
(Los Angeles, CA) – October 16, 2015

The MuseBox today announced the release of “Burning Like a Fever,” the new single from Hollywood’s favorite romance rockers, Lady Low. Music blog Endless Sound recently raved that “Lady Low knock my socks off, and they seem to have an absolutely promising run in front of them.” Lady Low will kick off their upcoming tour of southern California with a release party for “Burning Like a Fever” at The Troubadour in Los Angeles on Thursday, October 22.

Described as “where strings and heartstrings collide,” Lady Low is a rock quintet comprised of Jimmy Sweet (vocals, guitar), Eden Lee (vocals, drums), Shanel Chavers (vocals, synth), Kaitlin Wolfberg (violin), and Mia Siler (viola). Sweet had always wanted to start a band that combined love’s passion and old school rock and roll. After returning to L.A. by way of London, he formed Lady Low.

Sweet started out with legendary San Francisco rock band, The Richmond Sluts. He still performs with the Goodtime Boys, a ‘70s cover band, along with members of Hot Hot Heat, Fleet Foxes, The Heavy, and Beachwood Sparks. Eden recorded and performed on stages like those at https://portablestaging.uk/different-types-of-portable-staging/ with The First Street Heat, a nine-piece funk group, while pursuing her vocal performance degree at Ohio University.
She has also been featured in SassafraZ and Tempo Tantrums, a female a cappella group. More information on Lady Low is available on the band’s official website.

Wolfberg writes the string arrangements and also plays viola, keyboards, and violin. She has worked with indie legends The Bats and The DB’s, and has played with heavy hitters such as Dweezil Zappa and Ruthann Friedman.

Thursday, Oct. 22 – West Hollywood, CA @ The Troubadour
Friday, Oct. 30 – Hollywood, CA @ The Spare Room at the Roosevelt Hotel
Monday, Nov. 2 – Hollywood, CA @ Harvard and Stone
Tuesday, Nov. 17 – Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues at Disneyland

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Nick de la Hoyde

Nick de la Hoyde is back with a new song, the b-side to his career-defining “By My Side” single. “It’s All a Game” changes pace completely with his recent Passion EP, sounding more like rock n roll than ever, which shows his growth as a musician.

Nick de la Hoyde won the mtvU Freshman video competition a few weeks ago and is now in heavy rotation on college radio stations across the nation as well as mtvU itself. His breakout EP, Passion, established Nick as a rapid rhyming heartthrob, who defies genre.

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Peter Henry Phillips-Culture Collide festival!

On Strength of Acclaimed The Origin and Comparisons to Bon Iver, Introspective Songwriter Peter Henry Phillips Announces American Debut at L.A.’s Culture Collide on Oct. 8th & 9th



“The Origin is gorgeous. It has that City and Colour quality with rich, detailed textures and a dense cinematic sweep.”

The Musebox today announced that Canadian singer-songwriter and producer Peter Henry Phillips will make his highly anticipated American debut at Culture Collide in Los Angeles on Thursday, Oct. 8 at Taix and Friday, Oct. 9 at The Champagne Room, he has been practicing with his home recording studio equipment. Culture Collide.com likens Phillips to Bon Iver due to his “soaring falsetto, gentle guitar strumming, and introspective lyrics about love, loss, and the beauty of the natural world.” Culture Collide is an international, multicultural melting pot of music, culinary, and the art of travel. Tickets for Phillips’ shows are now available. More information on Phillips and his full-length debut The Origin is available on his official website.

There are also scholarships for students who have talents and interests in different forms of art, such as painting and music. But it breaks down even further, because in the arts like music there are still so many types of students. Some are pianists, some learn the electric violin, others yet are in choir, or play the woodwind instruments. There are simply too many different possibilities to list them all, but scholarships are offered based on different interests and talents the students possess, and the career paths they wish to pursue with their talents. Just a few of the many scholarships available are listed below:

1. The John Lennon good starter violin program is a scholarship that awards financial aid to songwriting students who write original compositions. This is not a scholarship you can apply for, but one you are invited to

2. Bel Canto’s vocal scholarship is a foundation awarding over 15,000 dollars to American opera singers aged 20-37 who look to pursue a career in opera.

3. String Magazine, a magazine which offers resources and interests in all string instruments (Cello, Violin, etc.), offer a scholarship for students pursuing an undergraduate degree in music. This scholarship looks at the student’s financial need, as well as their academic achievements to determine the amount awarded.

Phillips has been working on his solo project for over five years. The Origin is inspired by nature and the beauty surrounding our daily endeavours. Phillips’ mesmerizing melodies have a soothing quality, maintaining a symbiosis with the charismatic and introspective feel of the album. With the cinematographic opening piece “The Wind,” the joyful first single “I Wanna Go,” and the Lennonesque “Burn & Crash,” Phillips has solidified his place among today’s elite songwriters.

In addition to having written, composed, and produced The Origin, Phillips played keyboards, guitar, bass, and pedal steel. According to Phillips, his debut full-length captures his generous nature and his impassioned approach to life:

“This album represents my desire to exist and to share my passion for life, music, and humanity. It has helped me to remember where I’m from and to better know where I want to go.”

Phillips, known as Pilou in Canada, became a fixture on the Quebec scene via his work with artists such as Jorane, Ariane Moffatt, and Tomas Jensen. The Asbestos native also collaborated with Maxime Morin, better known as DJ Champion, as the lead vocalist for his last two albums, Resistance and °1. In 2010, Pilou became one of Quebec’s most beloved singers when he performed on the television show Belle & Bum.

During the past decade, Phillips has worked as a producer for a variety of artists, including Marie-Jo Thério (Chasing Lydie), Philippe Brach (La foire et l’ordre), and Sébastien Lacombe (Territoires). The multi-talented artist performed on the original soundtrack of Denys Arcand’s last movie, Le règne de la beauté, which included two of his original songs in the score.

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Jamaican Reggae Artist Keznamdi Continues Breakout Year with Release of “Champion” Single

“…it’s a rousing ode to shooting for the stars.” – The Fader

Keznamdi Press Shot_ MR.jpg

(Los Angeles, CA) – October 9, 2015

The MuseBox today announced that popular Jamaican reggae artist Keznamdi has released his next single, the inspiring “Champion.” Keznamdi co-wrote “Champion” with Justin Bieber’s writing partner, the multi-platinum Grammy winner Poo Bear. Keznamdi’s 2013 debut EP, the acclaimed Bridging the Gap, held top positions on the Billboard and iTunes reggae album charts. Keznamdi has enjoyed a breakout year with stints on the Dread and Terrible West Coast Tour, UCLA Jazz and Reggae Festival, and Reggae Sumfest 2015. “Champion” is available via iTunes.

Keznamdi was recently drafted for the Genesis Series project after buzzing electronic music producer and singer ZHU attended a scintillating performance by the young Jamaican in Los Angeles earlier this year. A month after the show, Sony Music flew Keznamdi and his team to Los Angeles, where he recorded several songs with ZHU. “As Crazy As It Is” featured Keznamdi and was the second release from the Genesis Series project. According to Keznamdi, his collaboration with ZHU was a positive step for both Keznamdi’s career and the reggae genre he holds so dear:

“It was an honour to work with ZHU and Sony Records on this track. The synergy and chemistry working with a musical genius like ZHU felt natural. I am all about fusing reggae with other genres and I am looking forward to this track doing big things and opening more doors for myself and the reggae genre in general.”

Keznamdi’s music has been influenced by icons such as Stephen Marley, Damian Marley, and Chakula, the Internationally known Reggae group led by his parents. Keznamdi spent his early years touring the world and performing on Chakula’s ten albums that were recorded in his family’s home, buried in the lush hills surrounding Kingston, Jamaica. Hear Keznamdi’s inspiring new single here.

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Patternist-Dizzy Repost

Indie Electro-Pop Patternist Ready for Next Level of Success with New Single “Dizzy” Premiere

Listen to Patternist’s Premiere of Latest Single “Dizzy”
“Patternist’s debut EP is full of catchy songs and wistful lyrics. Mouer has the ability to be as big as The 1975.”
(Emily Beiser, KAMP Radio)

(Los Angeles, CA) – October 13, 2015

The Musebox today announced the release of “Dizzy,” the new single from soulful indie electro-popper Patternist, the innovative project created by Portlander Gabe Mouer. The single is described by Idolator: “Patternist’s lithe bedroom pop is given a tropical touch here with some Afro-pop guitars and marimba, and the song eventually blossoms with a percussive breakdown that’s equal parts twinkling and rumbling.”

Having already opened for The Ataris and Train, the young songwriter Mouer has a decidedly 80’s vibe. According to Emily Beiser of KAMP Radio, Patternist’s 2014 debut EP, Youth is Fading, “is full of catchy songs and wistful lyrics…does an excellent job of blending nostalgia and uplifting beats…” More information on Patternist is available @ www.patternistmusic.com.

Patternist’s most recent singles “Gone” and “New Fashion” were recently added to Spotify’s “Fresh Finds”

Released in late 2014, Youth is Fading spent several weeks in The CMJ Top 200 and generated buzz among worldwide bloggers, critics, and industry insiders. Patternist has also licensed music to several television shows and companies, including Keeping Up with the Kardashians, MTV’s Real World, and Discovery Networks.

“There’s a resolutely 80s vibe to the music…This is a potential soundtrack to getting ready for going out, even where the lyrical content is bittersweet before its years…” Backseat Mafia

Patternist bursts with a blend of rhythmic synths, heart-thumping percussions, and lush arrangements that work in conjunction to support songwriter Mouer’s smooth tenor and thoughtful lyrics. Even the Patternist moniker is proof of Mouer’s creativity and unparallelled willingness to dive deeper:

“I was inspired by an idea that I love from psychology that theorizes that the brain has evolved a tendency to see meaningful, intentional patterns even where they might not exist. Examples of this include the face on Mars, subliminal messages when you play a record backwards, and divine signs on burnt toast. I then created a word around this theory.”

In March 2015, Mouer reentered the studio to record his second EP as Patternist, set to be released in monthly installments starting May 29. He will begin regional tours of the United States at the end of 2015.

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