Peter Henry Phillips-Culture Collide festival!

On Strength of Acclaimed The Origin and Comparisons to Bon Iver, Introspective Songwriter Peter Henry Phillips Announces American Debut at L.A.’s Culture Collide on Oct. 8th & 9th



“The Origin is gorgeous. It has that City and Colour quality with rich, detailed textures and a dense cinematic sweep.”

The Musebox today announced that Canadian singer-songwriter and producer Peter Henry Phillips will make his highly anticipated American debut at Culture Collide in Los Angeles on Thursday, Oct. 8 at Taix and Friday, Oct. 9 at The Champagne Room, he has been practicing with his home recording studio equipment. Culture likens Phillips to Bon Iver due to his “soaring falsetto, gentle guitar strumming, and introspective lyrics about love, loss, and the beauty of the natural world.” Culture Collide is an international, multicultural melting pot of music, culinary, and the art of travel. Tickets for Phillips’ shows are now available. More information on Phillips and his full-length debut The Origin is available on his official website.

Phillips has been working on his solo project for over five years. The Origin is inspired by nature and the beauty surrounding our daily endeavours. Phillips’ mesmerizing melodies have a soothing quality, maintaining a symbiosis with the charismatic and introspective feel of the album. With the cinematographic opening piece “The Wind,” the joyful first single “I Wanna Go,” and the Lennonesque “Burn & Crash,” Phillips has solidified his place among today’s elite songwriters.

In addition to having written, composed, and produced The Origin, Phillips played keyboards, guitar, bass, and pedal steel. According to Phillips, his debut full-length captures his generous nature and his impassioned approach to life:

“This album represents my desire to exist and to share my passion for life, music, and humanity. It has helped me to remember where I’m from and to better know where I want to go.”

Phillips, known as Pilou in Canada, became a fixture on the Quebec scene via his work with artists such as Jorane, Ariane Moffatt, and Tomas Jensen. The Asbestos native also collaborated with Maxime Morin, better known as DJ Champion, as the lead vocalist for his last two albums, Resistance and °1. In 2010, Pilou became one of Quebec’s most beloved singers when he performed on the television show Belle & Bum.

During the past decade, Phillips has worked as a producer for a variety of artists, including Marie-Jo Thério (Chasing Lydie), Philippe Brach (La foire et l’ordre), and Sébastien Lacombe (Territoires). The multi-talented artist performed on the original soundtrack of Denys Arcand’s last movie, Le règne de la beauté, which included two of his original songs in the score.

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