Hi Guys

I wasn‘t here long time. Unfortunatelly, man isn‘t timemaster of himself.

But never mind. I d like to invite you to some concerts and festivals:
1. May 17, 2014 – Recovery – Praha
2. May 17, 2014 – Country day – Kamenný mlyn (Stone Mill near Bratislava)
3. May 27, 2014 – Concert of František Nedvěd & Vojta Nedvěd – in Jablonica
4. May 29, 2014 – Concert of František Nedvěd & Vojta Nedvěd – German Cultural House in Rača in Bratislava
5. May 30, 2014 – Coutrny bál – in Bratislava
6. May 6. – 7., 2014 – Truck Aréna – in Piešťany
7. June 12, 2014 – Country Fountain – in Prague
(artists: František Nedvěd, Fešáci with Tomáš Linka, Roman Horký with Kamelot, Jitka Vrbová and Standa Chmelík, Plavci with Honza Vančura with Irena Budweiser, Petr Kocman with exclusziv guide Yvonna Přenosilová
8. June 15, 2014 – Recital of Rattlesnake Annie – in Dolní Cerekev
9. June 15, 2014 – Fešáci – in Pohořelice near Brno
10. June 22, 2014 – Country Fountain – in Brno
11. Jule 19, 2014 – Fešáci – in Miroslav near Znojmo

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America’s Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame Announces First Inductee for Their 38th Year

LeMars, Iowa…..
For thirty-eight years, the National Traditional Country Music Association has been honoring and inducting deserving country music artists into America’s Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame.  Formed in 1976 as a means to salvage and save some of America’s very unique and truly American musical art forms, the president, Bob Everhart, set about honoring those that have made significant contributions to the musical genre.  According to Everhart, “We knew back in 1976 that the inevitable changes that were taking place in America’s very own musical art form called country, would drastically change in the near future.  Today music called ‘country’ is hardly recognizable as that same genre of music.  We hold a Pioneer Ag Expo in Iowa, and have been since 1976.  That is the venue we use to induct deserving individuals into the Hall of Fame.  We represent ‘rural’ America, the farmers and small town folks that still care about America’s rural music, and country music on a whole.  We have a large membership in our organization that still desire and listen to the music they still call country.  We like to refer to it as ‘rural country’ so as not to have it confused with today’s so-called country music.  In just the past few years we have inducted Jim Ed Brown, Lynn Anderson, Charley McCoy, Michael Martin Murphey, Bill Anderson, even the legendary Patti Page who had a deep and abiding love for ‘real’ country music.  It is with a great deal of respect and honor that we announce our first inductee into the Hall of Fame for this year, none other than the cowboy that mama let grow up, the one and only Ed Bruce.”
The induction takes place in LeMars, Iowa, where the NTCMA holds their annual Expo, festival, and old-time country music event.  According to Everhart, “We have so many performers and supporters for America’s ‘real’ country music, the event is now seven days long.  It goes from 9am to midnight every day on no less than ten stages.  What that means is, for an entire week, well over 650 musicians and performers congregate at the Plymouth County Fairgrounds in LeMars, Iowa, for the festivities.  It’s a very ‘acoustic’ music event, we do not need nor do we want, loud electrified noise.  We’re more interested in the ‘truth’ of country music, the bottom line, the ‘gift’ if you will.  Can you imagine Bill Anderson, all by himself on a stool with just an acoustic guitar, entertaining 2,500 folks, so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  And not one show but two, simply because there were so many that wanted to see him inducted into America’s Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame.  We expect the same thing to happen to Mr. Bruce, who will be with us on August 31st.  The festival runs from Aug. 26-Sept. 1, and is now in it’s 38th year.”
Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings recorded “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” in 1978, only two years after Everhart created the National Traditional Country Music Association.  The song, written by Ed Bruce, became a major hit, and put Mr. Bruce on the upward spiral. In 1979, Tanya Tucker recorded Bruce’s “Texas When I Die.”  By 1980, Ed Bruce was a songwriter and recording artist of incredible merit.  He signed with MCA Records, recording such self-penned hits as “When You Fall In Love,” and “Love’s Found You and Me.”  His biggest hit “You’re The Best Break This Old Heart Ever Had,” was in 1982.  As an actor he also scored big time working with James Garner, as a surly town lawman in Maverick.
According to Everhart, “Ed Bruce is a very likable, successful, and deserving man for this ‘rural’ Hall of Fame honor.  The Hall of Fame is located in the Pioneer Music Museum in Anita, Iowa, and contains some incredible memories of what real country music was all about, and memorabilia of many stars and superstars.  Ed Bruce is a welcome addition to this honor.  Anyone interested in our work can find us at www.ntcma.net.  There’s great RV camping facilities at the Plymouth County Fairgrounds where we have the inductions, along with terrific rural food and a number of other attractions, including a rendezvous tipi village in a ghost town, workshops, jams, contests, themed shows, old-time dances, old-time rural critters and animals, and a tremendous interaction of musicians and guests.  We’ll also have other celebrities with us to be inducted into the Hall of Fame,” he said.

Prepared by Bob Phillips, correspondent for National Traditional Country Music Assn
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Festivals in 2010

Maybe it’s so early, but here calendar of country and folk festivals in Slovakia:


Date Place Name Info
February 12 Nova Bana Nova Bana Winter Folk Festival A review of non-professional guitar soloists

MAY 2010

Date Place Name Info
May 8 Prievidza Strunobranie Folkforum 2010 A regional festival of music genres

JUNE 2010

Date Place Name Info
June 2010 Zvolen Country Garden
June 11 – June 13 2010 Trnava Dobrofest 18th year – An international festival celebrating John Dopyera
June 18 – June 19 2010 Radimov Radimovska sopa 14th year – A festival of good music
June 2010 Nove Zamky Country Castle 2010 2th year – A festival of country. bluesgrass and western

JULY 2010

Date Place Name Info
July Nove Mesto nad Vahom Country Park 10th year – Festival of country music groups and dance groups genres
July Nova Bana Nova Bana Summer Folk Festival 14th year – A festival of folk and country music groups
July 16 – July 17 Turzovka Drotaria 2010 6th year – Festival of folk, country and tramp song
July 24 Povazska Bystrica Country Music under Starry Skies 8th year – A festival featuring music bands and soloist groups and dance groups genres
July 30 – July 31 Liptovsky Hradok Folk under Skalka 14th year – A festival of folk, contry, tramp and blegrass music


Date Place Name Info
August 6 – August 8 Tuzina pri Prievidzi Country Fest Tuzina 14th year – A review of Slovak bands and performers of country, folk, bluegrass, tramp music and related genres
August 26 – August 28 Piestany Lodenica 2010 12th year – An international festival of folk and country music
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Marty Robbins II

Marty Robbins

Marty, own name Martin David Robinson, was born was born in September 26, 1925, in the southwestern region of the United States, in state Arizona. Nickname of this state is rand Canyon State, but in Slovakia and Czech I think, most people know this state name from one famous comedy, western – Limonadovy Joe aneb Konska opera (Lemonade Joe). Unforgiven song – “Arizona, Arizona, that’s all right men’s zone”. :O)

Marty became of 10 siblings. His childhood was formed by his father, who played on harmonica and also songs and stories, which his grandfather (Bob Heckle) spoke. But situation in family was very difficult, unhappilly his father was drunkard and it was main reason to divorce marriage. Marty interested in films of Gene Autry and his dream was to become singing cowboy too.

He left the family in age of 17-teen and sign on US Navy. All The Second World War he spent in Pacific and during this time he learned to play on guitar and to write songs.

After end of War, he left Army and started to play in clubs in Phoenix. During short time he had own TV show. One of his quests was also Little Jimmy Dickens. Jimmy was surprised of Marty and advice Columbia Records to sign exclusive contract with Marty Robbins. In 1952 studio released Marty’s single Love Me Or Leave Me Alone.

Marty RobbinsThe third Marty’s single (I’ll Go On Alone) became No.1 of Country Hit-parade in 1953 and next record I Couldn’t Keep From Crying was in Top Ten.

He was also few times on scene of The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and from 1953 he started to be permanent member of it.
His next famous records were Pretty Words, That’s All Right, Singing The Blues, Knee Deep In The Blues, The Story Of My Life, White Sport Coat, Teenage Dream, etc.

He triumphed on country scene and in same time he permeated to pop scene. You can see it on his records from 1958 She Was Only Seventeen and Stairway Of Love. His absolute famous song was El Paso.

In 1961 Marty recorded single Don’t Worry. Next famous song was Devil Woman and brought him again to the top of Pop Hit-parades. In same year Marty recorded Ruby Ann. From that time Marty till his death, stayed only in country scene and brought other famous songs (Begging To You, Ribbon Of Darkness, Tonight Carmen, I Walk Alone, My Woman, My Woman, My Wife.

From 1972 Marty signed three years contract with Decca/MCA. From 1976 he recorded in Columbia Records again. He became on Top Ten with El Paso City and Among My Souvenirs.

You can also see Marty Robbins in movies as actor – The Gun And The Gavel, The Badge Of Marshal Brennan a Buffalo Gun. He showed in many TV shows and had a lot of concerts.

He had been known by kindness to fans. It’s irony of destiny that in 1982 he brought new single You’ll Never Get Out Of his World Alive. Only two months later, when his song named Some Memories Just Won’t Die left Top 10, he died on heart attack.

Family life:

In 1948, Robbins married Marizona Baldwin and he dedicated her his song My Woman, My Woman, My Wife. They had two children – son Ronny (born 1949) and daughter Janet (born 1959). Both stay also in show business (daughter has a singing career in Los Angeles, son create records for recording studios Artic, Columbia, Epic), but they didn’t achieve so large success as their father.

Marty Robbins was also very impassioned race car driver. He had show his passion also in movie, he played himself in Hell of Wheels.

Marty Robbins

  • Albums
  • 1956  Rock’n Rollin’ Robbins
  • 1957  The Song of Robbins
  • 1957  The Song of the Islands
  • 1958  Marty Robbins
  • 1959  Marty’s Greatest Hits
  • 1959  Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs
  • 1960  More Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs
  • 1961  More Greatest Hits
  • 1961  Just a Little Sentimental
  • 1962  Marty After Midnight
  • 1962  Portrait of Marty
  • 1962  Devil Woman
  • 1963  Hawaii’s Calling Me
  • 1963  Return of the Gunfighter
  • 1964  Island Woman
  • 1964  R.F.D.
  • 1965  Turn the Lights Down Low
  • 1966  Saddle Tramp
  • 1966  What God Has Done
  • 1966  Drifter
  • 1967  My Kind of Country
  • 1967  Tonight Carmen
  • 1967  Christmas with Marty Robbins
  • 1968  By the Time I Get to Phoenix
  • 1968  I Walk Alone
  • 1969  Singing the Blues
  • 1969  Country
  • 1969  It’s a Sin
  • 1970  Story of My Life
  • 1970  El Paso
  • 1970  My Woman, My Woman, My Wife
  • 1971  Greatest Hits
  • 1971  From the Heart
  • 1971  Today
  • 1971  The World
  • 1972  Own Favorites
  • 1972  Bound for Old Mexico
  • 1972  All Time Greatest Hits
  • 1972  I’ve Got Woman’s Love
  • 1972  Have I Told You Lately
  • 1972  This Much a Man
  • 1973  Marty Robbins
  • 1974  Good’n Country
  • 1975  Two Gun Daddy
  • 1975  No Signs of Loneliness Here
  • 1976  El Paso City
  • 1977  Adios Amigo
  • 1977  Don’t Let Me Touch You
  • 1978  Performer
  • 1978  Greatest Hits
  • 1979  All Around Cowboy
  • 1980  With Love
  • 1981  Everything I’ve Always Wanted
  • 1981  Encore
  • 1981  The Legend
  • 1982  Come Back to Me
  • 1982  Biggest Hits
  • 1983  Some Memories Just Won’t Die
  • 1983  Lifetime of Song
  • 1983  Twentieth Century Drifter
  • 1984  Long Long Ago
  • 1986  Christmas to Remember

  • singles
  • 1952  I’ll Go on Alone
  • 1953  I Couldn’t Keep from Crying
  • 1954  Pretty Words
  • 1954  Call Me Up (And I’ll Come Calling on You)
  • 1955  Time Goes By
  • 1955  That’s All Right
  • 1955  Maybelline
  • 1956  Singing the Blues
  • 1956  I Can’t Quit (I’ve Gone Too Far)
  • 1957  Knee Deep in the Blues
  • 1957  The Same Two Lips
  • 1957  A White Sport Coat
  • 1957  Please Don’t Blame Me
  • 1957  Teen-Age Dream
  • 1957  The Story of My Life
  • 1958  Just Married
  • 1958  Stairway of Love
  • 1958  She Was Only Seventeen (He Was One Year More)
  • 1958  Ain’t I the Lucky One
  • 1959  The Hanging Tree
  • 1959  Cap and Gown
  • 1959  El Paso
  • 1960  Big Iron
  • 1960  Is There Any Chance
  • 1960  Five Brothers
  • 1960  Ballad of the Alamo
  • 1961  Don’t Worry
  • 1961  I Told the Brook
  • 1961  Jimmy Martinez
  • 1961  It’s Your World
  • 1962  Sometimes I’m Tempted
  • 1962  Love Can’t Wait
  • 1962  Devil Woman
  • 1962  Ruby Ann
  • 1963  Cigarettes and Coffee Blues
  • 1963  Not So Long Ago
  • 1963  Begging to You
  • 1964  Girl from Spanish Town
  • 1964  The Cowboy in the Continental Suit
  • 1964  One of These Days
  • 1965  Ribbon of Darkness
  • 1965  Old Red
  • 1965  While You’re Dancing
  • 1966  Count Me Out
  • 1966  Private Wilson White
  • 1966  The Shoe Goes on the Other Foot Tonight
  • 1966  Mr. Shorty
  • 1967  No Tears Milady
  • 1967  Fly Butterfly Fly
  • 1967  Tonight Carmen
  • 1967  Gardenias in Her Hair
  • 1968  Love Is in the Air
  • 1968  I Walk Alone
  • 1969  It’s a Sin
  • 1969  I Can’t Say Goodbye
  • 1969  Carmella
  • 1970  My Woman, My Woman, My Wife
  • 1970  Jolie Girl
  • 1970  Padre
  • 1971  The Chair
  • 1971  Seventeen Years
  • 1971  Early Morning Sunshine
  • 1972  The Best Part of Living
  • 1972  I’ve Got a Woman’s Love
  • 1972  This Much a Man
  • 1973  Laura (What’s He Got That I Ain’t Got)
  • 1973  Walking Piece of Heaven
  • 1973  A Man and a Train
  • 1973  Love Me
  • 1973  Crawling on My Knees
  • 1974  Twentieth Century Drifter
  • 1974  Don’t You Think
  • 1974  Two Gun Daddy
  • 1975  Life
  • 1975  It Takes Faith
  • 1975  Shotgun Rider
  • 1976  El Paso City
  • 1976  Among My Souvenirs
  • 1977  Adios Amigo
  • 1977  I Don’t Know Why (I Just Do)
  • 1977  Don’t Let Me Touch You
  • 1978  Return to Me
  • 1978  Please Don’t Play a Love Song
  • 1979  Touch Me with Magic
  • 1979  All Around Cowboy
  • 1979  Buenos Dias Argentina
  • 1980  She’s Made of Faith
  • 1980  One Man’s Trash (Is Another Man’s Treasure)
  • 1980  An Occasional Rose
  • 1981  Completely Out of Love
  • 1981  Jumper Cable Man
  • 1981  Teardrops in My Heart
  • 1982  Some Memories Just Won’t Die
  • 1982  Tie Your Dream to Mine
  • 1982  Honkytonk Man
  • 1983  Change of Heart
  • 1983  Love Me (w/ Jeanne Pruett)
  • 1983  What If I Said I Love You
  • Don’t Worry

    El Paso City

    Big Iron

    Mr. Shorty

    Ghost Riders In The Sky

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    Marty Robbins I

    Marty Robbins

    Today is 27-th anniversary of death of one country icon – Marty Robbins (December 8, 1982). He emphasised unforgiven series of cowboy and Mexican ballads. He became to the Country Music Hall of Fame and his songs are still in hit-parades.

    More read in new post.

    Some famous songs:

    The Streets Of Laredo

    El Paso

    Ballad of the Alamo


    The Master’s Call A Tribute To Marty Robbins

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    Hello everybody.

    Holidays finished and we all are back at job. I’m sure, somebody of us spent free days on romantic way or dream’s islands (see up) with perfect person.

    My holidays were different, but also nice. I spent holidays on way. But perfect way, I think. I spent it in adventure parks in Europe, especially in Germany and Belgium. (And I recommend you Europa park in Rust.) But I don’t like to write about parks. This blog isn’t about that, but about music, especially in country and folk music.

    Last time I advertised It hasn’t so response as I’ve waited, but never mind. I thought of it and prepared own list and here it is:


    It isn’t list what you’ve waited. These names are names of Czech bands and singers. Yes, they are my favourite. And also Bee Gees and ABBA, but it isn’t Folk or Country, as you know.

    And what about American singers. I prefer John Denver.


    Jiří Grossmann



    Waldemar Matuška

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    Country Competition

    Country Competition

    During all history of country music, there are and were many famous singers and music bands.

    Everybody knows some hitparade in every kind of music, as well in Country music. Every year there is official competition – Grammy Awards. It is rating of professionals in more categories.

    Let’s try to create some own TOP 5. Here are only four categories:

    • Singer – Man (Never mind if interpret is still alive or dead.)
    • Singer – Women (Never mind if interpret is still alive or dead.)
    • Music Band (Never mind if music band still exists or not.)
    • Song (during all rich country history)

    Please write it to comments under this post. Everybody can nominate 5 nominees for each category.

    The contest will be close after 2 month and results will be published asap.

    In the end, there will be evaluation and one of the voting will have his link on this site for 4 months.

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    Festival Pohoda – tragic 13th annual

    Bazant Pohoda

    Last weekend in Slovakia was the 13th annual of Bazant Pohoda. Music program was rich. On Thursday started British electronic formation Basement Jaxx and next Royal Choral Society. During next days there was legendary american poet Patti Smith and famous Czech interpret Marta Kubisova.

    People saw Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow with their project Lamb, headliner music band Travis, Klaxons, The Ting Tings, Hadouken. Also English-Sweeden formation Razorlight.

    Slovak scene was represented by Collegium Musicum with Marian Varga, Richard Muller, Andrej Seban and Hudba z Marsu, Noisecut, traditional bands Zive Kvety, Hex, Tomas Sloboda Sounds Like This, Slobodna Europa, Para and Karol Miklos.

    As you can see, this fest is full of good music and this year was not exception.

    But, …
    Unfortunately this annual was different.

    This annual has number 13th and somebody believes that this number is unlucky.

    Bazant Pohoda Bazant Pohoda

    Bazant Pohoda is traditional organized on Trencin airport. By agency report, there were about 100 casualty people and 1 man died. Very strong wind detach O2 Arena. This accident was during concert of AMO and United Flavours. In that time there were more than one hundreds people.

    What’s happened?

    Bazant Pohoda Bazant Pohoda

    Official news by TA3:
    Police Investigation Into Tragedy at Pohoda Underway

    Bratislava, July 19 (TASR) – Police continue to investigate the tragic accident that occurred at the Pohoda music festival on Saturday afternoon and claimed the life of a 29-year-old man from Piestany (Trnava region), spokesman for Police Corps Presidium Martin Korch said on Sunday.

    There have been no new findings concerning the accident at Slovakia’s largest open-air music festival, he added.

    A severe storm accompanied by gusts of wind hit the area at around 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, bringing down a large tent covering the O2 Arena. Crowds of people were underneath the canopy at the time.

    According to an eye-witness, the O2 Arena acted as a kind of “flytrap”, as “it was the only place at Pohoda where a gig was underway at the time of the accident, so thousands of festival-goers pushed their way in there.”

    He added that the organisers warned people that they should gather at the edges of the tent, so that they could leave quickly if advised to do so. “Unfortunately, the gusts of wind rushed in so quickly that they didn’t manage to warn the people under the tent.”

    In addition to the death of the young man, three more young people sustained severe injuries and were operated on in hospitals in Trencin, Zilina and Martin (Zilina region). Another 18 people remain in the Trencin Hospital’s trauma ward. A total of 40 people were admitted into nine hospitals. Another 52 festival-goers were given first aid.

    The 13th annual Pohoda festival was called off after the accident, and the festival participants were evacuated.

    “We took some 10,000 people from the airport to Trencin railway station, to the Druzba culture house and to Opatovce (Trencin region),” said spokesperson the Trencin branch of Slovak Bus Transport (SAD) Ivana Strelcova. All the public-transport buses from the town and neighbouring area were used to evacuate the festival-goers, she stressed.


    Bazant Pohoda Festival 2009 TV Spots

    Pohoda 2009 Trencin last seconds before the accident

    Pohoda 2009 O2 arena breakdown

    Pohoda 2009 O2 arena breakdown

    Pohoda 2009 Trencin (exkluzivni zabery cele tragedie)

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    Festival Pohoda

    Bazant Pohoda

    Summer is here and many people only wait for a weekend, when they can go to dance or to listen music on some summer festivals.

    From history of this the greatest festival in Slovakia:

    Michal Kascak is musician and progenitor of this fest. He was a member of music band Bez ladu a skladu. During 90-teen he had established his own festival and kept his dream.

    Everything began in 1997, when started the 1-st annual of Bažant Pohoda festival. It was only small fest, only about 2000 guests, one main stage and show of some Slovak and Czech music bands. Nothing special. Place of fest – town station.

    Next year brought some changes, one of them was changing of place – to Areál Pod Sokolicami, the other was dance stage. The 2-nd annual and 3000 guests, 9 music bands.

    The 3-rd annual and 8000 guest, 22 famous bands as Skulpey (USA), Werk (A), Másfél (H), Ole lukkoye (RUS), Auktyon (RUS), Jaroslav Filip (SK) Varga + Šeban+ Rózsa + Buntaj (SK) and others.

    Year 2000 brought other changes. The4th annual had name Topvar Pohoda fest and it impel to change place. Again. There was main stage (alternative, rock, pop, world music, dance music), rock stage (rock, punk, alternative, pop) and two dance stages. Music bands : Bomfunk MCS (FIN), Vinx (USA), ISM (GB), Zóna A (SK), Homage and Jaro Filip (SK), Will White – Propellerheads (GB), Lol Hammond – Girl eats boy (GB), 808 state (GB) etc. Total 19 bands on main stage. Rock stage and 19 bands (Twinkles (ITA)). The first time there were escort actions: vernisage of photograhy from Pohoda 99, happenings, performance, graffiti; cinema in areal, tatoo, piercing, literatúre, CD shop, tea-room, internet cafe, adrenalin sports, competitions, exhibitions, bungee jumping, tandem jumps, hot-flue balon, motocars, bungee running, skate park, air castle. 20 000 guests per day. General partner was Topvar company (that’ s why name Topvar Pohoda).

    In 2001 festival grew up, they added other stage (there were now main stage, dance stage 1, dance stage 2, dance stage 3, rock/hip hop stage and rock open-air stage).

    Bazant Pohoda

    From 6-th annual to these days the name of festival is Bažant Pohoda, because general partner became Zlatý Bažant company (producer of bier). Stages: main stage: alternative, rock, pop, ska, dance music; Kofola stage: world music, rock, punk, alternatíve, pop, ska; Smint stage: techno; Durex stage: house, drum´n´bass, techhouse; Kenvelo stage: experiment, chill out, nu jazz, minimal, Blaupunkt stage: live acts, alternatíve, hip-hop, rock; Jah Jam stage: reggae, dance hall, dub, ska – 20000 guests per day.

    The 7th was similar as 6th. But on 8th people met on new place – airport. From that time, festival is still on airport. More place, more guests, more fun, more music, more attractions.

    • Stages: Bažant stage: alternative, rock, pop, ska, dance music;
    • Kofola stage: world music, reggae;
    • Chio stage: rock, punk, alternative;
    • Aréna TB: theatre, literature, discusions, chamber music;
    • Durex stage: drum´n´bass, hip hop;
    • Kenvelo stage: techno, techhouse;
    • Rock FM oáza: reggae, indies, rock;
    • Algidance chillout tent : chill out, live acts

    There were Chumbawamba (GB), Rescate (ARG), Tata bojs (CZ), Amparanoia (E/Cuba), Dan Bárta + Illustratosphere (CZ), I am X (GB), Asian Dub foundation sound system (GB), Zóna A (SK), Vypsaná fixa (CZ), Štefan Hríb, Juraj Kušnierik + Radovan Kazda, Marián Huba, Misha, Jana Belišová, Petr Fiala, Jozef Lupták, Ladislav Snopko, Vladimír Palko, Fedor Gál, Valerij Kupka, Marian Milčák, Primož Repar, Stanislava Chrobáková-Repar, Marek Vadas, Eman Erdélyi, Monika Kompaníková, Vlado Janček, Michal Hvorecký, Zuzana Šeršeňová, Tibor Holoda, Joachim Dvořák, Jaroslav Rudiš.
    You was able to listen music, to watch theatre, photography, bažant cinematograph.
    Escort actions: Liga za duševné zdravie: chalk-talks and discussion about brainwork.
    Easy park: adrenalín sports, competitions, exhibitions, atractions, paintball, volejball, football, spinball duo, cobweb, rent of sportng goods.
    Total in word – 127 music bands.

    I don t want to repeat words about perfect atmosphere on next annuals. You can see photos and ask people, who were there. Always there was much fun, good music and each annuals had left a lot of unforgoten memorries in everybody, who was there.

    Joan Baez @ Bazant Pohoda 08

    Utah Saints – Something Good

    Mr. Oizo – Flat Beat (Bazant Pohoda 2008)

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    Festivals 2009 in Slovakia II.

    Spiritual Kvintet

         Welcome to Slovakia. Find your favourite festivals in August.
    Festivals in July in Slovaka

    Date Place Name Genre
    July 02 – August 09 2009 Bratislava Letné Shakespearovské slávnosti
    July 21 – August 21 2009 Trnava Letný kinematograf movie festival
    July 31 – August 01
    Poprad Okey Summer 2009 different music styles
    July 31 – August 01 2009 Nové Mesto nad Váhom Open Jazz Fest jazz music
    July 31 – August 01 2009 Podbranč Punkáči deťom punk music
    July 31 – August 01 2009 Zelená Voda Open Jazz Fest jazz music
    July 31 – August 02 2009 Jaslovské Bohunice Fest Dobré Bohunice country music
    July 31 – August 02 2009 Žilina Fest Anča movie festival
    August 06 – 09 2009 Kráľová Lehota (Ranč) Camp Fest Svarín open-air music festival
    August 07 – 09 2009 Červeník Amfiteáter) Červeník festival different music styles
    August 07 – 08 2009 Duchonka Orange Music Summer different music styles
    August 07 – 09 2009 Trnava Trnavský jazzyk Trnavský jazzyk jazz music
    August 08 2009 Turzovka Rock beskyd fest 2009 rock music
    August 13 – 15 2009 Jaslovské Bohunice Hard Fest different music styles
    August 14 – 15 2009 Terchová Terchovský budzogáň 2009 rock and punk music
    August 15 2009 Holíč Cibula Fest different music style
    August 14 – 15 2009 Zliechov Pustohlav festival different music styles
    August 14 – 15 2009 Snina Rock pod kameňom rock music
    August 19 – 23 2009 Kolárovo Hanna Hanna Festival art gathering and festival
    August 21 – 22 2009 Modra Minikvas festival different music style
    August 21 – 22 2009 Orava Orava Music Summer different music styles
    August 21 – 23 2009 Trnava Trnavská brána folklore
    August 22 2009 Nitra Na brehu 2009 different music styles
    August 22 2009 Hadlová Festival na brehu folk and rock music
    August 27 – 29 2009 Piešťany Lodenica country music
    August 28 – 29 2009 Bratislava Uprising Reggae Festival different music styles

    The Best Festivals in Europe

    Date Place Name
    August 20 – 22. 2009 Salzburg, Austria (Green Park St.Polten) Frequency Festival
    July 02 – 05. 2009 Belgium Rock Werchter
    August 14 – 16. 2009 Burgas, Bulgaria(Central Beach) Spirit of Burgas
    July 03 – 12. 2009 Petrčane, Croatia The Garden Festival
    July 02 – 05. 2009 Denmark Roskilde Festival
    July 03 – 05. 2009 Belfort, France Eurockeennes
    July 17 – 19. 2009 Ferropolis, Germany Melt
    August 12 – 17. 2009 Budapest, Hungary Sziget Festival 2009
    September 04 – 06. 2009 Stradbally Estate, Ireland Electric Picnic
    July 09 – 12. 2009 Novy Sad, Srbija Exit Festival
    July 16 – 18. 2009 Trenčín, Slovakia Pohoda Festival
    July 16 – 19. 2009 Benicassim, Spain Fiberfib
    August 13 – 15. 2009 Göteborg, Sweeden Way Out West
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