The recreation area of “Sninské Rybniky” is going to be awaken again for the11th time by the most resonant Slovak and foreign rock & metal names.

     Music festival ROCK POD KAMENOM will start on 8th of august and last until 10th of the month.
     Fans, who will come to “far east”, can enjoy very energic, metal, 120 minutes long show of the Avantasia on the first day. It’s the project of The Edguy´s frontman. They have started the new chapter of their being with the latest CD The Mystery of Time and have started their tour as well. The story, guests, songs, timing, opera in opera, world of the fantasy. Everything is hidden in the name of this configuration.p>

     By the combination of the words Stratocaster & Stratovarius was formed legendary Finnish power-metal group Stratovarius. It won’t be their first concert in Slovakia, but their first here, in “Sninske Rybniky”. People can also look forward to almost 30-years old German metal band Helloween.
Italian folk-metal impact is going to bring here group Elvenking during their “ERA” tour.

     Festival Organizers also thought about Slovak and Czech music and so they gave out first headliners Doga, Alkehol and rock band Harley which is going to present their new album. Fans can also see brilliant performances of Czech band Wanastowi Vjecy and Slovak


     There is possibility to buy limited edition of 3-days tickets via Ticketportal, on specialized places or by COD.
     During the last 10 years our open air music festival has grown in popularity and our audience was able to see performances from not only Czech and Slovak top bands but also foreign stars such as:

Lordi (FI), Primal Fear (DE), U.D.O. (DE), The Sweet (UK), GOTTHARD (SWI), Tarja Turunen (FI), GUANO APES (DE), EDGUY (DE), SONATA ARCTICA (FI), Die Happy (DE), Mike Terrana (USA), Korpiklaani (FI), Eluveitie (SUI), Pretty Maids (DAN), Sabaton (SWE), Kabát (CZ), Wanastowi Vjecy (CZ), Arakain (CZ), Ewa Farná (CZ), Divokej Bill (CZ), Aneta Langerová (CZ), ŠKWOR (CZ), Kreyson (CZ), Horkýže Slíže, Iné Kafe, Tublatanka, Desmod, IMT Smile, Peter Cmorík, No Name, Gladiátor, Peha, Polemic, Zuzana Smatanová, HEX, P.S., Nocadeň, Aya, …

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