Wilsonic Festival 2014 in Bratislva, Slovakia

Date: June 06, 2014

What’s that:
Wilsonic is an international music festival, held annually in Bratislava, Slovakia. The festival is a spectacular celebration of today’s forward-thinking music, connecting the best elements of music fused within the atmosphere of a concert, a club and a party. Wilsonic is presenting a wide variety of modern music which transcend categorization.

Opening: June 06, 2014 – Club Atelier Babylon

Cid Rim live (AT)
Bobby Tank live (UK)
Slick Shoota live (NO)
Hermigervill live (IS)
Sekuoia (DK)
Ben Frost AURORA live (IS/AU)
Jimmy Pé + Biotrick (SK)
Stratasoul (SK)

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