Festivals in 2010

Maybe it’s so early, but here calendar of country and folk festivals in Slovakia:


Date Place Name Info
February 12 Nova Bana Nova Bana Winter Folk Festival A review of non-professional guitar soloists

MAY 2010

Date Place Name Info
May 8 Prievidza Strunobranie Folkforum 2010 A regional festival of music genres

JUNE 2010

Date Place Name Info
June 2010 Zvolen Country Garden
June 11 – June 13 2010 Trnava Dobrofest 18th year – An international festival celebrating John Dopyera
June 18 – June 19 2010 Radimov Radimovska sopa 14th year – A festival of good music
June 2010 Nove Zamky Country Castle 2010 2th year – A festival of country. bluesgrass and western

JULY 2010

Date Place Name Info
July Nove Mesto nad Vahom Country Park 10th year – Festival of country music groups and dance groups genres
July Nova Bana Nova Bana Summer Folk Festival 14th year – A festival of folk and country music groups
July 16 – July 17 Turzovka Drotaria 2010 6th year – Festival of folk, country and tramp song
July 24 Povazska Bystrica Country Music under Starry Skies 8th year – A festival featuring music bands and soloist groups and dance groups genres
July 30 – July 31 Liptovsky Hradok Folk under Skalka 14th year – A festival of folk, contry, tramp and blegrass music


Date Place Name Info
August 6 – August 8 Tuzina pri Prievidzi Country Fest Tuzina 14th year – A review of Slovak bands and performers of country, folk, bluegrass, tramp music and related genres
August 26 – August 28 Piestany Lodenica 2010 12th year – An international festival of folk and country music
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