Hello everybody.

Holidays finished and we all are back at job. I’m sure, somebody of us spent free days on romantic way or dream’s islands (see up) with perfect person.

My holidays were different, but also nice. I spent holidays on way. But perfect way, I think. I spent it in adventure parks in Europe, especially in Germany and Belgium. (And I recommend you Europa park in Rust.) But I don’t like to write about parks. This blog isn’t about that, but about music, especially in country and folk music.

Last time I advertised It hasn’t so response as I’ve waited, but never mind. I thought of it and prepared own list and here it is:


It isn’t list what you’ve waited. These names are names of Czech bands and singers. Yes, they are my favourite. And also Bee Gees and ABBA, but it isn’t Folk or Country, as you know.

And what about American singers. I prefer John Denver.


Jiří Grossmann



Waldemar Matuška

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