Festival Pohoda

Bazant Pohoda

Summer is here and many people only wait for a weekend, when they can go to dance or to listen music on some summer festivals.

From history of this the greatest festival in Slovakia:

Michal Kascak is musician and progenitor of this fest. He was a member of music band Bez ladu a skladu. During 90-teen he had established his own festival and kept his dream.

Everything began in 1997, when the first annual Baant Pohoda festival began. It was a small festival with only about 2000 guests, modular stages, and a show by some Slovak and Czech music bands. Nothing special. Place of festivity: town station

Next year brought some changes, one of them was changing of place – to Areál Pod Sokolicami, the other was dance stage. The 2-nd annual and 3000 guests, 9 music bands.

The 3-rd annual and 8000 guest, 22 famous bands as Skulpey (USA), Werk (A), Másfél (H), Ole lukkoye (RUS), Auktyon (RUS), Jaroslav Filip (SK) Varga + Šeban+ Rózsa + Buntaj (SK) and others.

Year 2000 brought other changes. The4th annual had name Topvar Pohoda fest and it impel to change place. Again. with the help of https://www.stagingspecialists.co.uk/, There was main stage (alternative, rock, pop, world music, dance music), rock stage (rock, punk, alternative, pop) and two dance stages. Music bands : Bomfunk MCS (FIN), Vinx (USA), ISM (GB), Zóna A (SK), Homage and Jaro Filip (SK), Will White – Propellerheads (GB), Lol Hammond – Girl eats boy (GB), 808 state (GB) etc. Total 19 bands on main stage. Rock stage and 19 bands (Twinkles (ITA)). The first time there were escort actions: vernisage of photograhy from Pohoda 99, happenings, performance, graffiti; cinema in areal, tatoo, piercing, literatúre, CD shop, tea-room, internet cafe, adrenalin sports, competitions, exhibitions, bungee jumping, tandem jumps, hot-flue balon, motocars, bungee running, skate park, air castle. 20 000 guests per day. General partner was Topvar company (that’ s why name Topvar Pohoda).

In 2001 festival grew up, they added other stage (there were now main stage, dance stage 1, dance stage 2, dance stage 3, rock/hip hop stage and rock open-air stage).

Bazant Pohoda

From 6-th annual to these days the name of festival is Bažant Pohoda, because general partner became Zlatý Bažant company (producer of bier). Stages: main stage: alternative, rock, pop, ska, dance music; Kofola stage: world music, rock, punk, alternatíve, pop, ska; Smint stage: techno; Durex stage: house, drum´n´bass, techhouse; Kenvelo stage: experiment, chill out, nu jazz, minimal, Blaupunkt stage: live acts, alternatíve, hip-hop, rock; Jah Jam stage: reggae, dance hall, dub, ska – 20000 guests per day.

The 7th was similar as 6th. But on 8th people met on new place – airport. From that time, festival is still on airport. More place, more guests, more fun, more music, more attractions.

  • Stages: Bažant stage: alternative, rock, pop, ska, dance music;
  • Kofola stage: world music, reggae;
  • Chio stage: rock, punk, alternative;
  • Aréna TB: theatre, literature, discusions, chamber music;
  • Durex stage: drum´n´bass, hip hop;
  • Kenvelo stage: techno, techhouse;
  • Rock FM oáza: reggae, indies, rock;
  • Algidance chillout tent : chill out, live acts

There were Chumbawamba (GB), Rescate (ARG), Tata bojs (CZ), Amparanoia (E/Cuba), Dan Bárta + Illustratosphere (CZ), I am X (GB), Asian Dub foundation sound system (GB), Zóna A (SK), Vypsaná fixa (CZ), Štefan Hríb, Juraj Kušnierik + Radovan Kazda, Marián Huba, Misha, Jana Belišová, Petr Fiala, Jozef Lupták, Ladislav Snopko, Vladimír Palko, Fedor Gál, Valerij Kupka, Marian Milčák, Primož Repar, Stanislava Chrobáková-Repar, Marek Vadas, Eman Erdélyi, Monika Kompaníková, Vlado Janček, Michal Hvorecký, Zuzana Šeršeňová, Tibor Holoda, Joachim Dvořák, Jaroslav Rudiš.
You was able to listen music, to watch theatre, photography, bažant cinematograph.
Escort actions: Liga za duševné zdravie: chalk-talks and discussion about brainwork.
Easy park: adrenalín sports, competitions, exhibitions, atractions, paintball, volejball, football, spinball duo, cobweb, rent of sportng goods.
Total in word – 127 music bands.

I don t want to repeat words about perfect atmosphere on next annuals. You can see photos and ask people, who were there. Always there was much fun, good music and each annuals had left a lot of unforgoten memorries in everybody, who was there.

Joan Baez @ Bazant Pohoda 08

Utah Saints – Something Good

Mr. Oizo – Flat Beat (Bazant Pohoda 2008)

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