Amy Speace

Amy Speace

Few days ago I got e-mail which ask to write something about popular folk singer Amy Speace.

Unfortunatelly I have to tell you, I wasn’t able to find many information about her. That’s why I use all info what were sent by Marios P – visitor of blog. Thanks a lot.

She was born on February 8, 1968 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA as Amy F. Speace.

On her new album Songs for Bright Street, New York-based singer/songwriter Amy Speace demonstrates why she’s quickly become one of her adopted hometown’s most celebrated emerging artists. Possessing a commanding voice, a distinctive melodic sensibility and an uncanny knack for nailing complex emotions in song, Speace makes music that’s both illuminating and effortlessly accessible.

From the rustic rush of Step Out of the Shade to the bittersweet lilt of Water Landing to the gentle acoustic intimacy of “Two,” Songs for Bright Street’s 12 original compositions (plus a slyly countrified reading of the Blondie classic “Dreaming“) showcase Speace’s unique gifts, offering catchy Americana with indelible hooks, sharply observed lyrics and a gritty urban edge. Among those impressed by her sassy songcraft is legendary folk-pop songstress Judy Collins, who chose Songs for Bright Street to release on her new Wildflower label.

Amy Speace has already won a loyal grass-roots fan base, thanks in large part to live performances that merge warmth, humor and emotional immediacy, and to a tireless touring schedule that’s already taken her across the United States. She’s also won considerable critical acclaim, with The Village Voice observing that Speace is “taking her Americana away from twangy contemplation toward tangy confrontation” and noting that she’s “not another of those breathy would-be child poets, but a real singing writer of songs.” Time Out New York stated, “Amy Speace plays sweet, twangy folk music with a clear voice and an innocent vulnerability,” while The Nashville Scene noted that she “balances wry humor with open-hearted honesty.” And renowned Nashville critic Robert K. Oermann, writing in Music Row, dubbed her a “new star.”

Amy Speace

She is young but she has already released three albums:

  • Songs for Bright Str… (2006)
  • Fable (2002)
  • Edith O (1998)

Top Tracks by Amy Speace:

  • Restless – Amy Speace (February 5, 2002, Restless – Amy Speace)
  • Two Ships – Amy Speace (February 5, 2002, Two Ships – Amy Speace)
  • Home – Amy Speace (May 16, 2006,Home – Amy Speace)
  • Rosalie – Amy Speace (February 5, 2002, Rosalie – Amy Speace)
  • I Know It Well – Amy Speace (5. februára 2002, I Know It Well – Amy Speace)
  • Arizona 160 – Amy Speace (February 5, 2002, Arizona 160 – Amy Speace)
  • Fairytale – Amy Speace (February 5, 2002, Fairytale – Amy Speace)
  • Step Out Of The Shade – Amy Speace (May 6, 2006, Step Out Of The Shade – Amy Speace)
  • Double Wide Trailer – Amy Speace (May 16, 2006, Double Wide Trailer – Amy Speace)
  • Two – Amy Speace (May 16, 2006, Two – Amy Speace)
  • Can’t Find A Reason To Cry – Amy Speace (May 16, 2006, Can’t Find A Reason To Cry – Amy Speace)
  • Right Through To Me – Amy Speace (May 16, 2006, Right Through To Me – Amy Speace)
  • Row Row Row – Amy Speace (May 16, 2006, Row Row Row – Amy Speace)
  • Dreaming – Amy Speace (May 16, 2006, Dreaming – Amy Speace)
  • Make Me Lonely Again – Amy Speace (May 16, 2006, Make Me Lonely Again – Amy Speace)
  • The Real Thing – Amy Speace (May 16, 2006, The Real Thing – Amy Speace)
  • Shed This Skin – Amy Speace (May 16, 2006, Shed This Skin – Amy Speace)
  • Not The Heartless Kind – Amy Speace (May 16, 2006, Not The Heartless Kind – Amy Speace)
  • Water Landing – Amy Speace (May 16, 2006, Water Landing – Amy Speace)
  • The Morning After the Ball – Amy Speace (February 5, 2002, The Morning After the Ball – Amy Speace)
  • Fallen – Amy Speace (February 5, 2002, Fallen – Amy Speace)
  • Seven Year Itch – Amy Speace (February 5, 2002, Seven Year Itch – Amy Speace)
  • Transatlantic Conversation – Amy Speace (February 5, 2002, Transatlantic Conversation – Amy Speace)
  • Idle Hands – Amy Speace (February 5, 2002, Idle Hands – Amy Speace)

Weight of the World

Double Wide Trailer

Step Out Of The Shade

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