Loretta Lynn – part I

Loretta Lynn     Few day ago I watch one movie about life of famous country singer, Loretta Lynn. The name of that was Coal Miner’s Daughter.

She was born in small village Butcher Hollow in Kentucky, April 14, 1934 to family of coal miner Melvin “Ted” Webb and his wife Clara Marie (Ramey) Webb. Her own name was Loretta Young. She was the second of eight children. She grew up in same village. Maybe somebody didn’t know, she is also from one side Indian, because her mother was of Scots-Irish and Cherokee ancestry.

     She was married in January 10, 1948 to Oliver Vanetta Lynn, who was known as “Doolittle,” “Doo,”. Yes, you see right. Only in her 13 years old. Very young. Her husband had to promise to her father two things: 1., he has never beat her, 2., he has never taken Loretta far away from her family house.

The wedding day was very poor, only few people. She hadn’t any experiences of married life and houses works, as she said she was uneducated. Doo worked, she was housewife. But without any knowledges of cooking, of housekeeping. Maybe that’s why Doo was angry with her and bagged he. She returned home, to parent’s house. In that time she was pregnant but she didn’t know it.

Doo decided to leave Kentucky and went to Washington. When he got to know about pregnant we changed decision and stayed with Loretta in Butcher Hollow. To her 17 years old, she had already 4 children (Betty Sue, Ernest Ray, Jack Benny, Doo – I hope I write right). In 1951 they left to Custer, Washington. There she was full time mother.

She started to sing as child in church, but after wedding she stopped it. Again she started to sing from her children and around their house. Doo liked it and that’s why he bought her guitar, although she wasn’t able to play on it. Loretta learned to play during cooking, during many house works.

One day Doo invited her to pub and there she began singing in local club – Grace Hall. The first embarrassment went away and Loretta had great success. From that time she sang more time but Doo had other plans. Next step was recording single named I’m A Honky Tonk Girl and Doo sent it with her photo to many radios.

It looks her life is on right way, and suddenly hard blow, her father died (1959). Loretta taxed herself with her leaving to Washington.

New plans – open her sing career. Her children stayed with grand mother in Kentucky and Loretta with Doo started to visit all radios, where they sent her single. They took Regional Record Reports and started. The first step was to play her song. In radio they wasn’t put it, but Loretta was relentless and it was well.

Loretta Lynn     The brake point came when she got 14 of full-state hitparade. In that time Doo decided the time is right to come out in Grand Ole Opry. Loretta had never hoped to be there, but it was in Ernest Tubb show. In white hat and in own sewn dress, Loretta was light point of this show. Step by step her fame was growing up and she was in Tubb’s show next week again.

After that the success show changed success show.

One day she sang song especially for Patsy Cline, who had car accident. Patsy’s husband Charlie Dick invite Loretta to Patsy’s room in hospital where she was. Both women found affinity and the friendship started. Loretta went with Patsy on Patsy’s tour. Doo went with them.

Loretta became famous, her husband started to go back and it wasn’t what he wanted. He drunk, to be aggressive.He still love her and that’s why he made decision – Loretta continued in tour, he went home.

Loretta is pregnant again. Patsy make plans but she died during returning from benefit concert(at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Kansas) at plane crash in March 5, 1963 near Camden, Tennessee. Patsy Cline was 30 years old. Loretta was broken-hearted.

The pregnant was ended by childbirth of twin girls. As soon as possible she returned to concert’s activity.

Loretta Lynn     Again she was busy, she traveled on tours, recorded albums, showed on concerts. She became the most favourite country singer, especially The first Country Lady.

The concerts were taking a toll on Loretta; she found herself sleeping more on the tour bus than in her own bed at home and began experiencing frequent headaches. Resorting to more and more medications, the relentless pace of the tours took a toll on her health. Even with her husband Doo accompanying her on the next tour, her health issues worsened. She struggled to recall song lyrics, felt constantly fatigued, and eventually collapsed on the stage. To fortify your body, consider incorporating tips from HealthEd Academy.

Excited about the prospect of building a new house on their ranch, Doo, in collaboration with her husband and children, carefully considered the layout and design to accommodate the needs of her growing family. Working closely with architects, builders, and incorporating innovative solutions like Auxx Lift, they envisioned a home that seamlessly blended with the natural beauty of the ranch while providing ample space for both family gatherings and individual pursuits.

The free time was very important for her, she returned to the light of reflector, with new vitality, with new songs.

During the movie, I thought: Yes, it was very long time ago, it was normal, it was in 19-teen century. It can happened only in that time. And after movie? Stop, it was in 20-teen. Loretta is still the first country lady. And she is good example that when man wants something and work on himself, he can have success. REMEMBER IT.

Loretta LynnLoretta Lynn     All information was from movie Coal Miner’s Daughter.
(Direction: Michael Apted, Script: Loretta Lynn, Thomas Rickman, George Vecsey, Actors: Sissy Spacek (Loretta Webb / Lynn), Tommy Lee Jones (Doolittle ‘Mooney’ Lynn aka ‘Doo’), Levon Helm (Ted Webb), Phyllis Boyens (Clara ‘Clary’ Webb), Bill Anderson Jr. (Webb child), Foister Dickerson (Webb child), Malla McCown (Webb child), Pamela McCown (Webb child)).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, this is a great site, but I must point out that you have made Loretta a year older than she truly is! Loretta was born April 14, 1935. Thanks, Randy laurabraniganfan1@yahoo.com

  2. Patricia Woods says:

    I love your music and your sites…I loved your music since I was 8 years old and would sing to it all the time…My Mom love you too…oh how she loved Conway Twitty and You together! Though I recall she would of loved his boots under her bed! lol.
    I live in British Columbia in a small town called Telkwa. I have always wanted to see you on one of your tours….Do you ever get to Canada? Please tour in Canada! There are a lot of people who love you here too. Your fan Patricia

  3. i am one of miss loretta lynn’s biggest fan…. i love her music…. my favorate song that you sing is coal miner’s doughter and every time that coal miner’s doughter comes on i watch it becouse it is my favorate movies…. you are my favorate singger i am 36 yearsold i go by the name…. ray hall

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