Now, when price of oil is the highest in all history, someone can start to think that time, when people didn’t need it. It isn’t so long time. Something about 150 years ago.

Most time of man history, there were horses as main vehicle. And horses are connected with history of the Country.

If you open any book of history, you can find many links and pics, where is man and his horse. Each period didn’t get along without them: Assyria and its militant horse carriages, Egypt and its pharaoh carriages, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire, many wars in Europe, Asia and the other part of the world, colonization of Wild West, etc.

Horse in America

Horses came to America only after arrival’s Christopher Columbus.

I think of that. When people came to America, some thousands years ago, they went through the Bering Strait, I’m sure, they had many domestic animals, besides horses. Why these horses disappeared, that’s a question.

The odds are that Indians were very surprised to see Spanish conquistadors on horseback. From that time, America had horses again. Some horses run away and started to be wild.

And now we came to that time, when men had come to wild area of North America, cowboys drove cattle and rode on horse. During their journey met many batch of horses. Cowboys lassoed horses and tried to domestic them again. And rodeo was here.

Horses in music

Could you tell me someone song, where is horse? Yes, nothing hard. And no one. You know many songs, don’t you. (Oh! Susanna by Simon Carly, Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses by U2, Christmas For Cowboys by John Denver, Midnight In Montgomery by Alan Jackson, Orchidej by Rangers, Diego by Spirituál Kvintet, Red River Valley, Blízko Little Big Hornu by Greenhorns, Last Cowboy by span style=”font-style: italic;”>Michal Tučný, Honec krav, Divoké koně, Růže z Texasu, Píseň o koni, Supi by Waldemar Matuška, Pomalý koně by Martin Maxa, Bedna od whisky by Wanastowi Vjecy, Rychlejší koně by Wabi Daněk, Kovbojuv nářek by Spirituál Kvintet, Nad stádem koní by Buty, Divoké koně by Jaromír Nohavica, Čiže sú to koně ve dvoře – folklore, Holka od koní by Devítka, Národ koní by Druhá Tráva, Hřívy by Hop Trop, Pony Express by K.T.O., Zachraňte koně by Kamelot, Stádo by Alan Mikušek, Ho, Ho Watanay by Pavel Lohonka Žalman, Koně pláčou by Bagr, Cherokee Bill by Nedvědi, Rio Grande by Kabát and many, many others.


Horses go with us through history so long time and it’s incredible they are still our friends, after all things what we did them.

Horse ConstellationHorse Constellation

Horses are very clever animals and very nice. That’s why they come a part of many tales, stories and legends each culture in the world. Troy, its destroy and the wood horse. They were so important, that people put it also to the sky.

Someone said: “The most beautiful view on the world is from horseback.” And be sure it’s right.




Arabian Horse Heros


Oh Susanna

Zachraňte koně

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