Waldemar Matuska III

Matuska     Many his songs became popular and most of them I have on LP or single. I listen them as small child and maybe I was one of his youngest fans. I have still photo album with all news and photos of him. And also singles and albums. Maybe thanks him I prefer men with beard. :o)

I remember that day, when my mother brought news and said: “See there, Walda emigrated to US. Listen his LP Osm lásek, what there he said:” And I wasn’t able to understand why? He was popular, he had many possibilities to travel abroad. I was his fan so much. I switched on LP and listened what he said: Sometimes people ask me, if whether I would like to go visit US. Well I would go and in the moment again back. I prefer this my land.” I was so young, maybe I wasn’t able to understand all reasons. From that time I listened his songs many time but something was broken inside of me.

When he returned after Velvet Revolution, I saw other man. I know, nobody can be still young. He looked like broken and ill old man, without that sparks in his eyes, without charm smile. There was different person. It’s a pity, but I like to sing his songs henceforward and when I sing them, Matuska still looks like I remember him (before his leaving). I wish him so many happiness, much health and good luck.

1965 – Zpívá Waldemar Matuška
Osm lásek Waldemara Matušky1967 – Osm lásek Waldemara Matušky

1967 – Waldemar Matuška
Lidove pisne1971 – Lidové písně z celého světa

1971 – Waldemar Matuška 1966 / (CD r.v.1990)
1971 – Jo ho ho – Waldemar Matuška zpívá písně o moři
1973 – Láska nebeská
1974 – Johoho (reedition)
1975 – Kluci do nepohody
1977 – Co děláš, to dělej rád
1980 – Suvenýr – Waldemar Matuška a jeho 12 nej…
1980 – Suvenýr
1982 – Waldemar
1985 – The Country Door Is Always Open
1990 – Waldemar Matuška (1966-1971)
1990 – Waldemar a Olga – Niagara
1991 – Co neodnesl čas
1996 – Waldemar – Lidové písně z celého světa + 10x Bonus
1996 – Nebeskej kovboj + 8x Bonus
Sbohem, lásko1996 – Sbohem, lásko + 8x Bonus

1997 – Jo ho ho + 8x Bonus
1997 – Waldemar Matuška a Jeho 23 suvenýrů
1997 – Jsem svým pánem + 6x Bonus
1997 – Láska nebeská (reedition CD)
1998 – To všechno odnes čas
1999 – Osm lásek Waldemara Matušky + 7x Bonus
1999 – Síň slávy (cd 1)
1999 – Síň slávy (cd 2)
2000 – Kluci do nepohody (reedition)
2000 – Portrét hvězd – Waldemar Matuška
2000 – S čertem si hrát (with Eva Pilarová)
2000 – To nejlepší
2001 – Suvenýr (reedition)
2002 – Co neodnesl čas (Největší TV hity)
2007 – Slávik z Madridu (Největší hity)

MatuskaAlbums recorded in US:
Teče voda, teče
Merry Christmas

1960 – Sedmý kontinent
1963 – Der Andere neben dir
Limonádový Joe1964 – Limonádový Joe aneb Konská opera

Kdyby tisíc klarinetů1964 – Kdyby tisíc klarinetů

1966 – Dýmky
1966 – Fantom Morrisvillu
1966 – Revue v mlze
1966 – Smrt zo oponou
1967 – Tajemství Viléma Storitze
1967 – Hotel pro cizince
1967 – Ta naše písnička česká
1967 – 1968 – Píseň pro Rudlofa III
1968 – Všichni dobrí rodáci
1971 – Kam slunce nechodí
Noc na Karlštejne1973 – Noc na Karlštejne

1977 – Talíře nad Velkým Malíkovem
Trhak1980 – Trhák

2004 – Český Woodstock

Čert ví

Santa Lucia


Hříšník a fláma

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