Invitation on Junifest in Slovakia

Time runs like wild horse. It isn’t so much time ago, what I wrote about Festivals and it’s already here. Junifest. It’s national beer festival, this year it will be already 5 year anniversary.

Date     June, 13. – 22. 2008,
Time     04 pm. – 02 am
Place: Bratislava, Incheba Expo

June, 13. 2008 Country Festival in Bratislava Allan Mikušek, Kamelot (CZ), Nový Rownák, Veslári – Peter & The Rowers, Tanečná skupina Cloggshow, Rasťo a Lujza, etc.
June, 14. 2008 Casting MISS JUNIFEST 2008 in Košice
Concerts in Bratislava Senzus, František Nedvěd (CZ), Taktici, Party Lounge, Lenka Ferenčíková & Band
June, 15. 2008 Casting MISS JUNIFEST 2008 in Prešov
Golden brassband and Akcent show + Golden Violins and Lúčnica in Bratislava Jadranka, Martin Jakubec a Akcent Live, folklore band Jánošík, Golden Violins and soloists of folklore band Lúčnica, DH Maguranka, DH Záhorienka, DH Buckovanka, Oľga Szabová, Stano Vitáloš, Zdeno Sychra, etc.
June, 16. 2008 Casting MISS JUNIFEST 2008 in Bratislava
Rock Stage in Bratislava Judas Priest
Junifest Top Dance Party in Bratislava top DJ Marco V from the Netherlands, Slovak and Czech DJ-s Milan Lieskovsky, Robert Burian, Michael C
Judas Priest After Party in Bratislava Judas Priest
June, 17. 2008 Casting MISS JUNIFEST 2008 in Trnava
Concerts in Bratislava Bukasový Masív, Horkýže Slíže, Big Deal, REA – Kristína Botlóová, Paťa Jurtová, Eva Pšenková + band + guest Barbora Šulíková
June, 18. 2008 Casting MISS JUNIFEST 2008 in Nitra
Concerts in Bratislava rock legendary band OLYMPIC (CZ), Robo Šimko & band, R.A.D.O., Stará Škola – The old school band
June, 19. 2008 Casting MISS JUNIFEST 2008 in Trenčín
Concerts in Bratislava Tublatanka, Fleret CZ), Setback, Waterflow (NL,SK), etc.
June, 20. 2008 Casting MISS JUNIFEST 2008 in Žilina
Concerts in Bratislava Gladiátor, Terne Čhave (CZ), Kmeťo Band, Rockarolla, Arccus, etc.
June, 21. 2008 Junifest Fitness & Aerobic Party in Bratislava
Casting MISS JUNIFEST 2008 in Banská Bystrica
Concerts in Bratislava Nocadeň, Aya, James Evans & Band (GB), Anka Repková a Prorock, Barbora Šulíková & Band, Fredy’s Dance Group, Thierry and friends, etc.

As you can see, the program is very rich. Performers will be representants of Slovak, Czech and also foreign popular music scene.


I think, the main croyd-puller of the program will be Olympic. This band is music icon of Czechoslovak pop scene. This legendary band is already on rock scene from 1963. Its show will be June, 18. and I believe, it will be again huge success.

Judas Priest

Also fans of hard rock music will find something for them, on Monday June, 16. there will concert of heavy-metal legend, music band Judas Priest in Expo Arena Incheby. Other appearances :
of rock bands (Interitus, Heed a Kreyson)
of heavy metal bands (Sexit and others)

Marco V

It will be the first time, what you can visit also electronic dance music JUNIFEST TOP DANCE PARTY with special guest, Dutch DJ MARCO V. Besides also the best Slovak DJ-s: Milan Lieskovsky, Robert Burian, from Czech Republic Michael C.

All Sunday (June, 15. 2008) will belong to older generation and for everybody, who likes folklore, brassbands a public music.

Golden Violins

In program named Akcent Parada and Zlatá Dychovka (Golden Brassband). LúčnicaIn the end of Sunday show, there will be show of Orchestra Golden Violins and soloists of excellence folklore band Lúčnica.

This year, the first time there will be medial beauty competition MISS JUNIFEST 2008. Shows of finalists from each Slovak region will be part of program and there will be also spectator votes.

Each day, in Junifest will be cut a Slovak records, beer and other competitions, tombola, games and many more atractions!

Junifest Bill

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