Bob Dylan – Icon of many music styles III

Bob Dylan     In 1970 Dylan released two alums. In the same year he had co-written with George Harrison opening track of The Beatles‘ album All Things Must Pass – I’d Have You Anytime. He cooperated with George also in Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh. In this year, Dylan had poor studio activities, he recorded only two songs, but next year he recovered it and recorded the second compilation Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Vol. II, singles George Jackson, Watching The River Flow, new recording When I Paint My Masterpiece.

In 1972 we could see him in movie Pat Garret and Billy the Kid, where he had role as Alias, member of Billy’s gang. He also wrote the song from this movie (Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door), which to these days has about 150 artists in their repertoires.

Year 1973 he started by recording album on Atlantic Records (recording studio). In this year his contract with Columbia Records expired and he signed contract with David Geffen‘s Asylum Records (recording studio).

He recorded album Planet Waves with The Band. This album has two versions of the song Forever Young.

New year and new tour with The Band. Now it was through North America. From this tour there was live double album Before The Flood. This album was released on Asylum Records and in the mind of 70’s also by Columbia Records.

After this tour, he had problems in his private life (he and his wife became estranged). He wrote a lot of songs about his problems in his marriage and recorded new album Blood on the Tracks. In the end of the year, he re-recorded some songs in Sound 80 Studio by production assistance of his brother David Zimmerman.

In 1975 he visited boxer Rubin Hurricane Carter in the prison and after that he wrote the successful protest song Hurricane. He believed such as Rubin, the boxer is innocent.
New tour again and new album Desire, with many of Bob Dylan’s new songs. TV documented part of this tour. Same year brought the film Renaldo and Clara.
When I wanted to write about Bob Dylan, I try to find more info what I had. I haven’t idea, that he has such rich discography. I found, that he brought each year some albums, singles, songs or movies. He didn’t write only for himself, but also for other interprets (for example Eric Clapton). It means much, much hard work.
Lyric album Street Legal came in 1978.

In the beginning of the year 1979, he participated in Bible study class. He wanted to find Christ in his life. In that time Dylan released two albums with gospel music. One of them named Slow Train Coming and one song from that album (Gotta Serve Somebody) got Grammy Award as Best Male Vocalist. The second album named Saved. Christianity character of the albums didn’t accept so well by some of his fans.
Musical retrospective Shot of Love was released in the springtime of 1981 but met only negative appreciation by critic.

During his life, he engaged in many public appearances, which were organized helping to some groups of people in the world (for example Live Aid concert in 1985).
He went through more music styles, such as country, rock and roll and also rap. In 1988, Bob Dylan went into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Bob Dylan is author, songwriter, singer, musician and poet in the same person.

New decade and new Awards. In 1991 he went into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame and he celebrated it by tour with Santana.

Next year he became to country style and recorded two albums with old folk and blues songs (Good as I Been to You – 1992, World Gone Wrong – 1993) 25 years after famous Woodstock Festival, he brought Woodstock 94.

As 80’s, also 90’s were rich on albums (Good as I Been to You – 1992, World Gone Wrong – 1993, Time Out of Mind), songs and other activities around the music. He collaborated with many interprets (Mike Seeger, Daniel Lanois, Michael Bolton, Ralph Stanley, Paul Simon, etc.).

In 1997 president of US Bill Clinton presented Bob Dylan in the East Room of the White House.

In 1998 he made duet with bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley on song The Lonesome River and in the middle of next year he traveled on tour with Paul Simon. He recorded album Self Portrait and finished these 90’s by movie Paradise Cove by Robert Clapsaddle (role of Alfred the Chaffeur).

Forever Young

Lay Lady Lay

Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright – Bob Dylan & Eric Clapton

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