History of Country Music

Country music and country style came from North America. It developed step by step from 18-th century to present day. This type of music consists of several styles, such blues, rock, traditional, folk, etc.

All country music is something like conglomerate of Irish, English, German, French, Spanish, and other language’s versions of songs.

People from all these nations migrated to US from their own Europe countries, to find better life. Their first station was in New Island in New York, where was gate to young US. From there they traveled to many towns on the Atlantic coast from North to South. Some of them decided to go to West, but it was so dangerous. There was Terra Incognita. Many of them paid for this decision with theirs own lives. Even though, the land step by step opened them. Suddenly, they found new open areas for their cattle, for their dreams. Some of them had found fortune (gold, silver, oil, etc) there.

They all were immigrants, who were advancing on migrant’s way from East to West and were looking for some free lands for them, to start a new life. These migrants brought their traditions, and of course, their own visions.

But life was hard and there wasn’t so much time to stay or to relax. The men, who traveled there, had to be tough as a brick. There wasn’t place for sickliness. Law was on faster man’s side.

There were many people, who wanted to be rich without work. Many of them owned quick guns.

And don’t forget Indians. They were also terror to travelers. On the other side, the white outlanders required their soil, and embossed them to wild areas. Also they had broken faith with Indians and failed agreements. Indians badly tolerated these regulations and whereupon there were burning farms, killing men. There were a several bigger and little Indian rebellions (Geronimo, Little Big Horn, etc.). It’s possible to say, that at last, both sides found out common language, although both sides indeed lost too much.

The men, who worked hard on the open air, at the evening sat near the fire, ate, drunk and relaxed. Someone played on guitar, others sang. These songs went from site to site, from one fire to another (how the men, especially cowboys, transferred through US West).

At the end, I want only tell you, every day was the battle of survival there. In this atmosphere country was born. Songs help people to survive, made a good time and also gave some messages.

I’m sure, you know no one song about hard working men, about crying cowboy, when he lost his friend (other cowboy, horse, etc) or love, songs about battles, where many men lost their life, about women who waited their never returning boys. Many song sing about bad men, which met their destiny. I can remind you songs such as Ballad of Boot Hill, Five Red Roses, Yellow Flower, Tennessee Waltz, Last Wish, Blizzard, Tom Dooley, etc. Don’t think there are only songs about bad or sad things. Some of them are funny; some are about migrant’s way, some about love,…

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