Festivals in Slovakia and Czech (Part 2)

Country Festivals

In previous post I wrote about country festivals in Slovakia. In this post, I´d like to introduce you next festivals in Slovakia.

In the end I bring you calendar of must known country and folk festivals in Slovakia, together with dates, places and links on their websites.


This festival is the oldest fest in Slovakia. The first time we could visit it in 1992 (that’s means this fest is older than Slovakia, because Slovak Republic was established in 1.1. 1993, when Czechoslovakia was divided).

This festival is devoted to memory of John Dopyer (1893-1988). He was born in Trnava, Slovakia, but in youth (1908) he immigrated to US. He invented resophonic or resonator guitar – DOBRO. There were many famous dobro players to pay a tribute to his memory, such as music band Blue Highway (US), Jerry Douglas (US), Bob Brozman(US), Rob Ickes(US), Randy Kohrs(US), Peter Rowan(US), Mike Auldridge(US), trio Cox(US), Clifford & Bartley (US), Zubot & Dawson (Canada), Dave Peabody (GB), Papa George (GB), Gypsy Dave Smith (Australia), Ken Emerson (Havai) and many others from continental Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Netherland, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Polland, Hungary, Czech Bulgary and Slovakia of course).

Dobro or resophonic guitar – the first time dobro was found in 20-tieth of last century in US.

Many people there still think that this instrument is original American public instrument. From US Dobro came abroad and extremely changed sound of the popular music.


In the last weekend of July, go to the XII year of Country and Folk Fest There will be in Liptovský Hrádok. It’s small town in the north part of Slovakia There is Aqua Park near, you can go to relax there and spend nice hours in the warm water. Or visit High Tatras, which are also near).

In this festival singers or bands (country, folk, bluegrass or some similar styles) can come to play and introduce their own production.


In the same time you can be also in the other action. Also in Liptovský Hrádok.


Bluegrass came from US. It was created to mix different music styles, which immigrants brought with themselves to new land. Characteristic instruments are banjo, mandolin, violin, guitar, contrabass, dobro. Last year there was the famous American bluegrass lady Claire Lynch (USA). She opened the festival.


Festival of a small music forms. Last year there were many guests from more than 12 countries (3 continents).

The main target of this fest is support of Slovak bands.


This isn’t country or folk festival, but it’s very famous and popular fest. I could say POHODA is the largest festival in Slovakia. Larger than Country Lodenica.

Calendar of some festivals in Slovakia:

Name Date Place
Wilsonic June, 6. 2008 Bratislava
Bluegrassfest June, 10. – 11. 2008 Bratislava
Junifest June, 13. – 22. 2008 Bratislava
Streetfest June, 20. – 21. 2008 Malacky
Truck Country June, 20. – 22. 2008 Piešťany
Fajn Fest June, 22. 2008 Bratislava
Guitarfest June, 23. – 28. 2008 Bratislava
Country Mlyn June, 26. – 28. 2008 Malacky
Sigord 2007 June, 22.- 23. 2008 Prešov
Radimovksá Šopa June, 22. – 24. 2008 Radimov
Dobrofest June, 26. – 28. 2008 Trnava
Topvar Rock Fest June, 27. – 28. 2008 Zelená Voda, Nové Mesto nad Váhom
Festival Revište June, 27. – 28. 2008 Žarnovica
Hodokvas July, 4. – 5. 2008 Piešťany
Country Stopa July, 11. – 12. 2008 Dudince
Pohoda July, 18. – 19. 2008 Trenčín
Drotária Fest July, 20. – 22. 2008 Turzovka
Fest Dobré Bohunice July, 25. – 27. 2008 Jaslovské Bohunice
Folkovanie pod Skalkou July, 25. – 26. 2008 Liptovský Hrádok
Folkovanie s Černou Horou July, 25. – 26. 2008 Liptovský Hrádok
Žákovic Open July, 25. – 26. 2008 Turčianske Bohuslavice
Country Oravice July, 19. 2008 Tvrdošín
Folk&Music Fest July, 31. – August, 02.2008 Banská Štiavnica
Rača Fest August, 8. – 9. 2008 Bratislava
Country Fest Rozmarín August, 8.-9. 2008 Terchová, Žilina
Červeník August, 8. – 10. 2008 Červeník, Leopoldov
Stupavský Širák August 24. – 25. 2008 Stupava
Lodenica August, 28. – 30. 2008 Piešťany
Autoslide January, 4, 2009 Žarnovica
Bluessový Ostrov Žarnovica
Ropucha Púchov
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