Why Country&Folk?

First of all, I’d like to tell why this blog start up and what you will find here. According to title, it will be about country&folk.
When I was younger, more younger than today, I had read western novels. I read a book, closed my eyes and dreamt about Westland, about riding on horseback. Law and honor, it was my main rule. Always good boys were winners and bad boys finished with their faces in dust on the road.
To spend time under open sky, under the stars, to listen only sounds of night on plains and to feel warm of the campfire, it was the most secret dream of myself.
As the time goes, romantic dreams change to reality. It’s a pity, nothing is more sweet than illusions of youth. But my love for country style is still here. I like this style, and the country songs come under that.
Somebody can tell, country is past time, closed page of history. It isn’t true. As other style of music, country has own history, presence and future too.
I sing too (my friends and some unknown people too, says that I’m good singer). You can’t find a day, when I don’t think on country or I don’t sing some country or folk songs. I have to tell you, I prefer Czech country. Maybe that is because Czech language is closer to my own language than English.
And what you will find here? I hope that, you will find here something about country styles, some opinions and recommendations on songs and singers. Maybe, you will find here some good ideas for spending free time (festivals, presentations, appearances). You will find here also biographies of country singers, some photos, videos and etc. We can speak together about books and writers too. Or cook. I have some special recipes for campfire. :o)

My wish is to create community of people, friends who has similar interests as me, who loves to dream under trees with open eyes.

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