Man in Black – Johnny Cash

Johnny CashMy first blog I’d like to wish to famous singer. MAN IN BLACK. You know him. His name is Johnny Cash.

He was born in Kingsland, Arkansas in February 26, 1932. After his study, in 1950, he went through many jobs with low salary. In July, the same year, he came in US Army and with army he went to Germany. During this time he learnt to play on guitar and composed first songs.

In 1954 he got married to Vivian Liberty and started to live in Memphis. He worked as seller. Here he met Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant. They played in KWEM radio without salary. Their first single Hey Porter/Cry, Cry, Cry has huge success. Their name was Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Two. Next famous single with Cash original song Folsom Prison Blues hasn’t lower success and bring engagement contract in KWKH radio.

In same time he started with his tour. His songs were on the top of country hit parade. Group changes the name to The Tennessee Three. You could see Johnny Cash also in movies (the first was Five Minutes To Live – 1958).

Many concerts, a lot of work, and high speed of live – this everything had brought him stress and he started with pills. From 1961 they cooperated with June Carter, and played in Carnegie Hall. In 1964 he met Bob Dylan. They played together on folk festival in Newport. This moment was very important in his live. Unfortunately he became addictive to pills and he was many times in the prison for drugs. His carrier grown up, but his health was bad and his private life was in zero degree. In 1966 he divorced with Vivian Cash. Some times he spent on clinic and took to the therapy.

His next matrimony with June Carter was very successful in private and also in work life. From 60-tieth he got many appreciations. The movie critics wrote about his successful role of old gunman in The Gunfight (1970). From 70-tieth he inclined to religion. He visited Israel and made the movie about life there.

During his life he sold over 90 million albums. From 1980 he is in Country Music Hall Of Fame. His life finished in September 12, 2003 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nobody forget his greatest songs I Walk the Line, Folsom Prison Blues, Rock Island Line, Ring of Fire, Man in Black, One Piece at a Time, Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog, Get Rhythm, Orange Blossom Special etc.

Songs of Johnny Cash were and are still famous. That’s why you can find many versions in other languages.

For example in Czech, you can find 4 different singers with their version of Folsom Prison Blues or Orange Blossom Special.

Also many tramps (boys and girls during summer nights sit near campfire) play on guitar own versions of these songs. Many of them don’t know original, they don’t know, who composed and sang it, but they like it.

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