Johnny Cash II.

Johnny CashJohnny is dead, but in our memory is still alive. Not only in CD albums, but also in many books and DVD.

     Every year you can find some new re-edition of his famous songs. In 2007 it was Johnny Cash: The Great Lost Performances. There are two duets with his wife June Carter Cash and some records form his live concert in 1990. This album is already 16th after his death. And not last. His album “American V” from 2006 was in July 2007 on the top of hit-parade Billboard 200.

In this year he won Grammy:
The best short music video
God’s Gonna Cut You Down“,Johnny Cash
Tony Kaye, direction; Rachel Curl, production

     In January 2008 there had to be concert as annual memory (40 years) of famous Johnny Cash shows in Folsom State Prison in California. But it wasn’t.
Prison officers stopped organisation, after problems with media license and trade mark.
(In January 1968 Johnny Cash sang in prison coffee-bar and from this shows came very famous album. His concerts in prisons during 60-teeth became legendary. Every shows he open with words: “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.” )
His last albums are classed to alternative country.

Folsom Prison Blues

Bonanza & Five Feet High and Rising

I Walk the Line

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